Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Williamson Wines 2010 - "Frolic" Viognier

While visiting the California wine region, my brother & sister-in-law took be into this fun little boutique tasting room that according to my brother “knows how to sell some wine.” Boy was he right! Every single wine at Williamson was paired with food that was selected because it would enhance the experience. It was fantastic! This Viognier, unlike the other wines was paired with a curry encrusted cashew nut, something extremely unique, and I needed to pick up a bottle to see what it was like on its own.

Similar to some of my other wine choices, Viognier is a different style wine that has its unique role to play. For this wine, I recommend enjoying it with spicy food, and it will bring out the sultry flavors enhancing your experience with your food.

North Coast of California

Pale yellow, with a gold tint

This wine starts with strong hints of cantaloupe. Then it evolves into aromas of pine, rosemary, and honeysuckle.

Upon first sip, I tasted sharp pear with an oaky finish. This left a slight bite on the tip of my tongue, leaving me a little parched. Finally, overtime this wine Viognier opened up to be smoother with a soft fruit finish.

Glass Rating:
2.5 Glasses

$32 (In Tasting Room)

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