Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dutton Goldfield 2011 – Gewürztraminer

Recently my brother (Jason), and my sister-in-law (Logan) took me on my first trip out to Napa & Sonoma. When they left, they gave me this bottle of Dutton Goldfield to enjoy on a nice summer day while living out in California for the summer. I am grateful for the experience, and the wine. Love you both!

Gewürztraminer is a unique experience to begin with, and Dutton Goldfield’s takes me on a journey back to when I lived in NY. For many years my family would go out apple picking, and this wine is like taking a bite out a succulent piece of fruit that comes right off the tree. The kind you have to close your eyes while eating in order to take it all in. It will then finish like a bouquet of flowers that has shown up at your doorstep to welcome you into summer.

Sonoma, California - Russian River Valley

Pale yellow, almost golden.

Seductive scent of a fresh pear that transforms into that of fresh cut flowers, apple-hookah, and asparagus.

The taste starts out like biting into a sweet pear in the middle of a fresh cut bouquet of flowers. You are then left with the fresh taste of a first bite into a granny smith apple on the tip of your tongue. Luckily, after your sip the wine will continue to leave this fresh taste for just over a minute.

Chilled in the fridge.

I do not always pair my wine, but I happened to have some roasted pistachio & almonds tossed with rosemary, and it was a delightful combination.

Approximately $30 (this was a gift)

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