Wednesday, July 25, 2012

“Glass Rating”

One thing that I thought would be helpful if I was to have a rating system for the wines I try, but what to do…. Points? Overly done…. Stars? since when does wine have stars…. then it hit me!

Each normal 750ml bottle contains 4 glasses of wine, perfect! Starting with my previous post I will be adding a glass rating to each wine I try. This rating system goes from zero glasses to four glasses, with four glasses meaning that the wine is absolutely outstanding, and zero meaning I will not suggest the wine.

I want to recognize the fact that, like any other rating system, this rating is based on my personal tastes. However, I want you to know that I have been tasting lots of different wines, and I take every aspect of with wine (except price) into consideration when providing you a rating. The reason I do not take the price into consideration of the rating, is because of the fact that I want you to enjoy a wine by what’s in the bottle. Do not be scared of the price point, I am working hard to find you wines that you will enjoy regardless of price. The more open you are to expanding your possibilities, the more opportunity you have to find some hidden wine gems, but rejoice in the fact that there are some delicious wines at extremely cost effective prices. J

Moreover, I am open to suggestions on wines that you would like me to try, and gladly welcome your comments of your thoughts on the wines I’ve tried. Wine can, and should be enjoyed with others, so let’s ThinkWine together!


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