Thursday, July 5, 2012

Folie a Deux 2008 – Cabernet Sauvignon

While with family I have enjoyed this company’s Ménage et Trios wine, which is a combination of three grapes. So while passing through Napa I saw their vineyard and decided to pick up a bottle when I returned home.

This Cabernet is a simplistic, easy to enjoy cab that is not overpowered with tannins. It has aged well, to appropriately balance out to be a drink that accents the fruit, while presenting some of that stereotypical Cab tastes. The wine tastes like it is a blend of Cabernet (80%), Merlot (15-20%), which may surprise some, but actually a wine can be labeled a certain varietal from Napa if it contains at least 75% of a particular grape variety. This combination makes this wine have a medium body that can go well with cheese, and non spicy foods.

Napa, California

Deep purple.

While taking in this wine I enjoyed the scents of blackberry, raspberry, and black pepper.

Like many wines, this one opens up over time. It started out with the intense flavor of blackberry, plum, and raspberry. Then it will turn into black currant, and spices. Finally resulting in a soft finish that has hints of spice. 

I made a Fillet Mignon (pan/oven) that was served medium rare, over a balsamic vinaigrette red wine sauce, and topped with bleu cheese butter. (Recipe to be posted soon)

$24 ($13 with store discount)

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