Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon 2008 – Cabernet Sauvignon

Producer: “Wines That Rock”

As I mentioned previously, there is a lot going on in my family, which has inspired me to continue to push my passions more and more.  What better way to do this than to keep posting about wine, specifically to this post, journeying to the “Dark Side of the Moon.”

Region: Unknown

Color: Deep Purple to Black, with a Ruby rim.

Aroma: My nose was immediately rocked with scents of Black Cherry, mixed with a little bit of white pepper, and finished with cedar & vanilla.  This profile took me on a journey through some wonderful tasting room times of my past.

Taste:  This Cabernet is light, one of the lightest I have ever tasted. It hits the taste buds, lasts for a couple seconds, and ends with a lime taste before you even swallow.  It was a confusing experience, which to this day I am not sure how I felt about it.  There was no tannin structure, and left my mouth bland.

Overall: I feel that if I had this wine a year or more earlier it would have rocked my socks off.  If I could spin the turntable of my life in reverse to see what it would have been like, I would.  Unfortunately, I cannot, all I can say is that for the bottle I had did not have any remnants of a tannin structure, and the flavors did not last.

Glass Rating: 1.5 Glasses.

Cost: $16.99

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