Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Berrywine Plantations 2010 – Raspberry Wine

Reason: When I first started this blog, my girlfriend said that if I was going to have a wine blog then I would HAVE to review this Raspberry wine, one of her favorites.  So here we go.  :)

Region: Mount Airy, MD

Color: Dark Translucent Rend (Looks like Cranberry Juice)

Aroma: As expected, this wine has a strong scent of red berries, mostly cranberry and raspberry, combined with pomegranate, lemon, and subtle hints of watermelon.

Taste: Based on the aroma, the taste was not surprisingly fruit forward with an almost raspberry sweet jam sensation that easily brings out the inner child. Then this flavor profile dissolves across the pallet with a tart finish, combined with a slice of granny smith apple. Over the course of the bottle, the wine starts to drink more and more like cranberry juice with a soft apple finish.

Overall: This is not a normal wine, it is exactly what one would love if they were looking for an extremely fruit forward & finish wine. It can be best enjoyed slightly chilled in, and taken out on a nice sunny day. You can drink it fine by itself, and will live your mouth watering for some more of that fresh cut fruit taste. Personally, it made me crave strawberries.

Glass Rating: 2 Glasses.

Those who enjoy this type of wine will thoroughly enjoy this wine, however it is not what I would be looking for in a normal glass of wine. You may very well feel that this wine is higher based on your own personal preference.

Cost: $14.99

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